Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Our April showers are frozen ones.

It snowed today. I KNOW. I know. It's going to snow on my birthday, I know it, and I'm going to weep.

AND we were at the library when it started, so we had no choice but to walk the half hour home, with the snow driving into our faces, and Eleanor threatening to fall asleep despite it because she was up at 6:00 and me stopping every block to get her a new stick to wave around, to keep herself awake. It's days like today that I get home and can't believe I have to cook for and feed and put to bed a child before I can sit down. 

I almost didn't fully gear up on the way out the door this morning, because I keep looking at the calendar and not the weather report, and I'm hopelessly optimistic.

Look at that skirt. I keep trying to make spring happen. And you quickly forget how cold -30 is. It's above freezing for a few days and all of a sudden you're like, -8? This is bullshit. I'm dying in this.

Let's talk about something else. Oooh, let's talk about my garden. By which I mean my egg cartons full of seedlings. 

My squash plants are embarrassing everyone with their virility. I had to move them to their own pots so they stopped casting shade on my watermelon plants, and my lone cucumber plant. He needs to shake off his dirt! Eleanor says of each plant as he sprouts. And then, He needs to open his mouth! By which she means his two leaves. 

My tomato plants are tiny things. They look like they should be on an artisanal salad. I can't believe these are going to make food for me.

Eleanor continues to be delighted with the garden project, and with the library, and with her own two big strong legs. She went down a flight of (very shallow) steps today, by her OWN self, at her own insistence. She's going to develop a latent independent streak right as this baby is born, and it's going to give me grey hairs.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

At least I know she's grown.

(All photos blurry because toddlers are a blurry people.)

I've been trying some of Eleanor's summer clothes from last year on her to see if they still fit, and today I pulled some pink shorty overalls on her, and they were OBVIOUSLY VERY TIGHT.

I'm like, Are these a bit snug? And she says, I'm a smug slug!

And I'm like, That doesn't really answer my question. Are they too tight? And she goes, I will just wear them for a bit.

And then takes off.

So I let her wear them for the day, because we all have slightly uncomfortable clothes that we love. But as soon as they come out of the wash, they're going in the box for the next baby. Thank goodness I'm having another girl.

Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Children find windy days INTOXICATING.

Yesterday was gorgeous and roasting and then today, when Josie and I had planned to walk the...let's be honest, probably an hour (I'm sooooo pregnant) to River Landing, it was overcast and horrible and I was grousing to Joel about how Josie and I always pick the worst-weather days to do things on, and then Josie texted all, I'm feeling very fair-weathery, and I was like, TOO RIGHT, and she was all, Just come to my house, whatever.

So we went to Josie's house and read her books

and played with her puzzles

and marble towers

and train sets

and we were downstairs jumping off of couches onto cushions when we noticed the sunshine, so we grabbed our picnics and ran to the park.

And then just ran.

I've been awake since 3:00 am because of pregnant, but as a day goes, today was not terrible.

Tuesday, April 08, 2014


The Snow Friend

The Ogre

The Headless Horseman

The Pommel Horse(man)

The Lump Of Remaining Snow, For Crushing Under a Boot.

Monday, April 07, 2014

Let's ALL be muddy buddies.

We're bringing a Muddy Buddy Revolution.

No one in Saskatoon has muddy buddies. In daycares that I worked at in BC, all preschool-aged children (especially toddlers) were required to have one, or at least rain pants. But we have yet to see another one in Saskatoon, and moms keep asking me what it is and where I got it, and a woman got out of her car today to ask me about it.

Because it's primarily a rain suit, and Saskatoon isn't big on rain, so a suit for rain tends to be out of its ken. But the weather is creeping into the positive digits now, so it's too warm for snowsuits, and even though some of our playgrounds are still covered in snow, it's a WET AND MELTY snow, the kind that soaks into your jeans and makes everyone miserable.

The parks where most of the snow has melted...I mean...

It's a swamp. We bumped into another family today on our way to the park and the mom was like, Oh, you guys coming for a swim, too?

And it's not just that there's a three-inch-deep lake around the playing structures, it's that there's a three-inch-deep lake of melting ice, and it's not like you can go and splash and get soaked and it's all filthy fun. It's freezing and miserable and no one wants to walk home covered in ice melt, especially when it's actually only three degrees outside. It's warming up around here, but it's not warm.

The muddy buddy was a bit of a splurge, and a bit of a risk, but I regret nothing. It's the only reason we've been able to brave the parks around our house. We've been inside for six months, and if I had to wait another month until the snow melted and dried up, I'd murder something. We need to go outside, and we need things to do there. I mean, you can't spend all your time having picnics.

Saturday, April 05, 2014

Little Piglet goes to the Agriculture In The City Festival

Regular Toddler sits extremely still for transformation into Little Piglet.

Little Piglet examines piglet-face.

Little Piglet snorts once, for science.

Little Piglet is pleased with the effect.

Little Piglet collects a sticker from each vendor, earning herself a backpack.

Little Piglet pets a chick.

Little Piglet listens to the sounds of bugs eating.

Little Piglet comes back three times to listen to the sounds of bugs eating, because it is actually really hypnotizing.

Little Piglet eats her complementary tater tots 'wiv spicy sauce!'

Little Piglet, looking like she's partied, heads home.

Little Piglet removes her disguise and goes for a nap.

Not pictured: Little Piglet holding a worm. Little Piglet being asked a thousand times if she is a pink cat. Little Piglet saying (with glee and volume) NO I AM A PIG OINK OINK OINK OINK OINK OINK. Little Piglet and Mama Pig passing by a bake sale and buying a lemon bar. Mama Pig regretting not buying ALLLL the lemon bars. Little Piglet waking up sweaty from her nap, all indignant because she thinks someone washed her hair while she was sleeping.

Let the constant festival-going begin.

Wednesday, April 02, 2014

She really does have an enormous mouth, though.

She only takes biiiiiiiig bites of things these days.


I have a biiiiiiiig mouth, she says.

And then you can share your cere-rohl wiv me, dad. You can put it in my biiiiiiiiiig baby bird mouth.

Tuesday, April 01, 2014

I feel like I haven't spoken to you in a while.

So! Hey. It's April. How about that. Remember how January was, like, three months long? And now March is completely over. Part of it is that we spent a week in BC, and another few days in Edmonton, and between packing and doing recovery-laundry that's half the month gone.

Part of it is that the weather has taken a few upswings and we're finally going outside On The Regular.

And part of it is that we have a c-section date scheduled and I'm like Egads we are having a baby. (Is it weird that I don't want to tell you what day it is, Internet? I mean, you know you. You're kind of a weird beast. I'll probably tell you, like, the day before. Or when I suddenly start blogging about my parents having shown up, you know the day is nigh.)

Anyway. I'm totally panicking now, because BABIES. They are so burdensome and unpredictable. And I have a finite (and specifically-numbered) number of mornings to sleep in past 7:00 (we all know I stopped sleeping through the night months ago, right? Stop telling pregnant women to enjoy all the sleep they're getting now because pregnant-woman-sleep is shitty and broken), and a finite number of afternoons to read my book and then make a leisurely supper while Eleanor reads her stack of library books and then peels some carrots for me.

I was talking to my sister today about nesting, and how nesting isn't that thing you do in your second trimester when you have all kinds of energy, it's all the stuff you do in your third trimester when you are like, Holy shit. So I have been DOING STUFF, and it's not all or even mostly baby-related. Most of it is Making Our House Feel Like A House We Live In, which I never really did in Calgary, and which I always regretted. Which is a long way of saying, I made a photo wall.

I KNOW, I know. two of those frames are empty. The photo lab screwed up my order and I didn't notice til I got home. I also made a Cousin Board for Eleanor out of the frame from a mirror that broke when we moved, and some fabric I found at the thrift store.

Eleanor gets delightedly deranged over photos, so she is pretty into all these developments. Whenever I'm changing her diaper she's all, What's THAT Eleanor and Hazel doing? And what's THAT Eleanor and Hazel doing? And I'm like, You tell me, because I have no idea what you're looking at.

I also bought Eleanor a duvet from the thrift store, and made a cover for it out of two sheets because duvet covers are expensive and second-hand sheets are cheap. I know some of you (BLACKBIRD) are over chevrons but I still dig them.

She needed a duvet because she'd been sleeping under a quilt my mom made her for her first birthday (you may recall) and she is now MUCH TOO LARGE for it.

Now I don't need to put her in two pairs of jammies anymore. I am ALSO doing baby-preparedness-related things...I mean, I bought a dresser. My mom will want to see it.

That's the best thing about moms, that they want to see pictures of the dresser you bought for your baby. It looks like it's grinning eight times over. I'm going to start stashing things like clothes and bottles and the bath chair in there, so I can start to get an idea of what I have and what I'd forgotten I have and what I thought I had but I actually borrowed from Robyn.

We went on a pre-baby date on Saturday because you can't just leave newborns with one of your husband's colleagues, but your toddler is TOTALLY FAIR GAME. Eleanor was very excited to have someone come to play specifically and only with her, and Joel and I were very excited to go out and eat a turducken burger.

Joel got the vegan gnocchi because he thought I'd be sharing more of my turducken burger with him, even though I TOLD him that he could have a few bites, but I wasn't going halvesies or anything.

And we got the chocolate strawberry creme brûlée, which was forgettable, and then the maple bacon donuts, which were UNREAL. I don't even LIKE cake donuts, but these were dense and chewy (probably from the bacon) and served with raspberry coulis and creme fraische.

I would go back to the Prairie Harvest Cafe just for those donuts.

ALL OF THIS TO SAY. Bring on April, and then bring on May, and then bring on another baby, I guess.