Summer Bucket List

  • Have an early dinner and then bike down to River Landing --
  • Buy Eleanor a bike or a scooter or something else wheelie --
  • Make banana splits --
  • Go to the Ex --
  • Go to Canada Day in Diefenbaker --
  • Go to Ribfest --
  • Go to A Taste of Saskatoon --
  • Go camping --
  • Run through the sprinklers --
  • Build a water wall --
  • Make watermelon juice --
  • Go to the massive playground by the zoo --
  • Go to the zoo --
  • Visit the pelican statue --
  • Get ice cream from the bus --
  • Make our own ice cream --
  • Go to the River Landing splash park --
  • Go to Josie's splash park --
  • Find a new splash park --
  • Go the Berry Barn for berry picking and waffles

Friday, November 21, 2014

Geneva sticks her tongue out with delight.

Geneva sticks her tongue out with delight at this poolside. 

At this cucumber. 

At this pool. 

At this beach. 

At this high-chair-sitting. 

At this FLYING. 

At Cuba, on the whole. 

Tuesday, November 11, 2014


Cousins are always trying to TASTE each other. 



But then sometimes it looks like they're telling adorable baby secrets. 

Ugh, stop being so adorable, you two. 

So defiant. 

Monday, November 10, 2014

We call this a Vancouver Picnic

It's raining outside. 

But we have this picnic basket. 

And a Papa. 

There are so many things you can do

with a Papa and a picnic basket when it is raining. 

Monday, November 03, 2014

Rude bird rudes again

Remember when the Genny Wren had her tongue out all the time? And couldn't stop making spitties, like it was her JOB? She stopped doing that entirely because she realized she could make dolphin sounds and you can only really do one thing with your mouth at a time. Anyway, the tongue is back, with a vengeance.

This is my tongue. 

This also is my tongue. 

This is my tongue and also my hand is FASCINATING. 

My good gracious. 

Saturday, November 01, 2014

A handful of piggies.

This little piggy went trick-or-treating. 

This little piggy was a huge hit with the neighbors. 

This little piggy got a ridiculous amount of candy in a single block of houses. 

This little piggy spent an hour that night organizing her candy, and reorganizing. 

This little piggy VERY CAREFULLY selected candy from the cauldron to give to the trick-or-treaters (I can't believe I didn't get a picture of this happening. She was so meticulous. Also, I forgot to tell Joel to give out candy generously [I like to buy enough candy to give it out with both hands. It makes me feel beneficent] so when I got back with the girls, we still had like four-fifths of a cauldron full of candy). 

This little piggy woke up in the morning and organized her candy again. 

This little piggy got to pick ONE TREAT to eat after her breakfast. 

This little piggy spent literally like half the day putting her candy bars in a line, putting like with like. 

This little piggy doesn't care that she missed out on candy because YAMS. 


Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Festive eatings.

Whatever, if Joel's at the last minute not going to be home for supper, I'm just going to make a giant pumpkin skillet pancake (I cannot call it a 'Dutch baby,' that feels weird). 

How is that treating you, Eleanor?

(Can't talk. Eating.)

Meanwhile, Geneva has become almost unreasonably beautiful. 

You would not believe the amount of food that gets into that neck, though. 

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Our front stoop is ready for Halloween

Hey Eleanor, what's in your pumpkin?

Alright, reach in there and pull them out. 

No, really. You do like this.

Like this?

It's slimy. 

Please can I have a spoon?

Pumpkins gutted, Eleanor bedazzles the shit out of hers. 

I go after mine with jewels and a power drill. Pumpkins in the light...

Pumpkins in the dark...

Fast forward twenty-four hours. Joel is home, Geneva is asleep. We have covered Geneva's pumpkin in alphabet stickers. Joel is the only one to take an actual literal knife to his pumpkin. 

Eleanor pulls out a pretend knife, does some pretend chopping. 

Chop chop chop. The pumpkin seeds come out of the oven and we get into our jammies and have snack-chats while Joel finishes his pumpkin. 

Pumpkin family. 

Monday, October 27, 2014

Nobody Halloweens like we Halloween

Halloween is almost upon us, I'm not sure you're aware. We love Halloween in this house. LOVE IT. A few weeks ago I went to the dollar store and grabbed anything Halloween-activity-ish that would fill the hours. We have been Halloweening hard. Ghost ornaments!

Porcelain vampires and such!

Jack-o-lantern magnets!

I found a bunch of figurines and spooky houses at the dollar store and made myself a little Halloween village. At first I told Eleanor she could only look at them, but she's such a careful little person and whatever, the entire thing cost me like four dollars, so now I let her organize them however she likes.

I also gave into her keeping a couple of skeletons that I couldn't find decorative places for, and she has been putting on her wicked witch hat and making them into soup.

One chilly afternoon we put Geneva in the cauldron and made her into soup.

She was like, Yes, whatever, this is fine.

I am totally getting my $2.50 worth out of that wicked witch hat. We have been wicked witching ALL OVER TOWN.

Sometimes Eleanor puts the skeletons to bed in Geneva's car seat and covers them with 'the steam.'

Speaking of decorative skeletons that I have found a place for. You might remember these fancy bitches from last year. 'Reginald, darling, do we know that chimney sweep over there?' 'Goodness, darling. They all look alike to me.'

This enormous spider remains my best dollar store purchase to date.

Our front entryway has an infestation.

And of course, we have costumes. This enormous pink sweater is not a Wilbur costume, momma.

*cuts off arms and ruffle, stuffs tummy, glues spare bits of fabric to butterfly headband and milk jug cap, adds everything pink Eleanor owns* THIS IS A WILBUR COSTUME.

Geneva is wearing four pairs of tights, and a dress, and a dollar store hat that I glued some googley eyes on to. She is a Charlotte.

Joel is on call tonight, but we have pumpkins to decorate, about more which anon.

What are YOU Halloweening as?