Summer Bucket List

  • -- Go hiking at Beaver Creek
  • -- Find a new splash park
  • -- Make a salad from our garden
  • -- Go strawberry picking
  • -- Go to the Berry Barn for berry picking and waffles
  • -- Go to the zoo
  • -- Make watermelon juice
  • -- Run in the sprinklers
  • -- Bike to River Landing after supper
  • -- Make our own ice cream
  • -- Go to Pike Lake
  • -- Go camping
  • -- Go to the Children's Festival
  • -- Go to Ribfest
  • -- To to Taste of Saskatchewan
  • -- Make lemonade
  • -- Get ice cream at the bus

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

The melonist.

So this is melon.

It is for poking, I bet.

Or maybe you eat it?

Am I eating it right?

This is confuse.

Probably this is the bit for eats.

Is this not the eaty bit?

I'm gonna eat this melon real good, you just give me a few more tries.

Monday, May 25, 2015


This weekend has been long and wearying. Do you want to see like thirty pictures of the baby eating her birthday cake? You do. It's almost criminal how perfect her face is.

Tentative sampling of cake.

Observing cake, reassessing strategy of cake. 

No-handsing cake.


Delighting in cake.

Poooooooking cake.

No-handsing cake again (Geneva. You have hands).


Two-handsing cake.

Chomping cake.


Pfft, like I can't eat this whole cake.

But this is a lot of cake, though.

Would you like a bite of this cake? (It is one of her recent and great delights to hand you things.)

Doggedly eating garbled remains of cake.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

A bit of a catch-up.

Baby in a bin.

Babies and their books.

Eleanor does this thing where she wants to have cheese for snack, but she has to put on her rat costume first.

Geneva does this thing where she thinks she's big and can do all the things.

Eleanor is my yoga partner.

Geneva in the car seat.

Eleanor in the car seat.

I've started letting Eleanor help in the kitchen again now that Geneva isn't a helpless sack of bones needing all my focus anymore, and she just wants to chop everything.

I love when babies fall asleep like, Fine, whatever, I don't even care anymore.

Eleanor just went into her room and closed the door and like twenty minutes later, called me in to see the house she'd built.

Geneva gets super angsty about baths but, I mean, come on, what am I supposed to do with this.

Look at these pixie bedhairs. 

Eleanor was out trying to learn to ride a bike with her dad and I had to cook dinner so I let Geneva loose in Eleanor's room. Don't tell.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Moving on up. Ish.

One-year-olds be like

but they also be like

The more things change, the more babies keep on eating sand, long after they realize it's not delicious. 

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

A yearling.

Last year about this time, Joel was working a ton and I was massively pregnant and I kept taking Eleanor out for noodles because I could not cope with my life.

This year about this time, Joel has been working a ton and I just cannot, so on Mother's Day I found myself at a glorious hole in the wall, across the table from this joker.

But this year we've had an extra little hooligan with us on all our adventures.

I can SEE the soother

but how does I MOUTHS it.

It's yo berfday, Geneva! Explore the Cave of Wonders somebody accidentally left open!

Fall asleep in the stroller because your life is so boring.

Have a fruit pouch while we eat ice cream in your honor.

You do you, little Wren-face. You continue to do you.

Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Something afoot.

Just having a sit, having a snack

talking about how big I am (so big)

when suddenly, a foot. 

No big deal, that foot. Foots happen. 

Hey look, an orange bit I missed. 

Gonna get that bit. 



Haha, little help, though, cause there's this orange over there but I got this foot thing.