Summer Bucket List

  • Have an early dinner and then bike down to River Landing --
  • Buy Eleanor a bike or a scooter or something else wheelie --
  • Make banana splits --
  • Go to the Ex --
  • Go to Canada Day in Diefenbaker --
  • Go to Ribfest --
  • Go to A Taste of Saskatoon --
  • Go camping --
  • Run through the sprinklers --
  • Build a water wall --
  • Make watermelon juice --
  • Go to the massive playground by the zoo --
  • Go to the zoo --
  • Visit the pelican statue --
  • Get ice cream from the bus --
  • Make our own ice cream --
  • Go to the River Landing splash park --
  • Go to Josie's splash park --
  • Find a new splash park --
  • Go the Berry Barn for berry picking and waffles

Monday, October 20, 2014

Babies be giving you grey hairs

Ok first of all, it was like 21 degrees today. THAT IS LIKE 70 DEGREES ALICE I SERIOUSLY DON'T UNDERSTAND WHY YOU CAN'T DO YOUR OWN GOOGLE CONVERSIONS. It is past the middle of October. And here we are.

So in other news. A baby's soft spot is supposed to be flat to their skull or a little indented, and if it's really sunken that means the baby is dehydrated, so Joel compulsively checks Geneva's soft spot, and like two weeks ago he was all, I don't like how her soft spot is distended a little.

And I was like, Is this a thing I should be worrying about and he was like, Nah, it's fine. But then I'm up googling things at 2 am when I'm feeding the baby and the internet is all, MENINGITIS! HYDROCEPHALY! And I'm like, Well she clearly doesn't have that first thing and probably not the second one either. And the internet is like, WELL BRAIN TUMOR THEN.

And in the light of day we were both like, Ehhhh, it's probably nothing. We'll keep an eye on it. But a week passed and it didn't go away and you'd feel dumb if you had to be like, No, we totally noticed this worrying symptom, we just didn't do anything about it.

So I took her to the walk-in clinic and the doctor was like, Well, if she wasn't so lively and thriving, I'd send you to the pediatric ER right now. But we'll get you an ultrasound in the next day or two, make sure nothing is wrong.

And then I started to panic, because babies. And I panicked hard for two days until we had the ultrasound, and no one sent us for a CT scan or called other doctors in for consults and I started to relax.

And last night, the clinic dr phoned after I was in bed just to make sure someone had contacted me, and to let me know that my baby is fine. Her brain is fine. We don't know why her soft spot is distended, but it could just be the way her head is shaped. We'll keep an eye on it, but for now EVERYTHING IS FINE.

We are greatly relieved.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Knees for days

Geneva is super into her knees right now.

She's always grabbing them.


I think it's because she's fascinated by her feet

but can't reach them, on account of her ham hocks.

So knees it is.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Such a glorious mid-October.

Joel is working today, which stinks. 


Picnics forever. 

Boots for always. 

Eyebrows up all over the place. 

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Turkeys all around.

It has been brought to my attention that I haven't posted in a while. 

Forgive me, we have had Thanksgiving guests. 

Saskatoon has been putting on it's prettiest face for our visitors. 

We went to the zoo. 

We roasted a turkey. 

We bought a pumpkin pie and had it for dessert and then breakfast and then snack, because you have to eat Costco pumpkin pies AGGRESSIVELY or they are in your fridge forever. 

Joel and I went on a date and ate all the sushis. 

Joel and I went on a run to make up for all of that pie and sushi.

Now I have two turkey pot pies and two meals worth of turkey noodle soup and both are very heavy on the turkey. 

It wouldn't be a family visit if someone didn't get a little bit sick, so now we all have colds, and the baby is permitted to nap on my body. 

As though I could say no. She has dimples where her knuckles should be. 

Monday, October 06, 2014

An update.

So on the one hand, Eleanor has started saying No I amn't, and I am never going to correct her. On the other hand, after a year of scribbling and then a few months of drawing fairly credible jellyfish but not much else, today Eleanor is like, I drew a man!

Yes, you did. 

Geneva is teething and sick and up like five times a night for nearly a week now and it is her GREAT GOOD FORTUNE that she is so cute. 

Child, you are KILLING. ME. 

Saturday, October 04, 2014


Let's talk about Geneva Wren for a bit. I feel like she falls under the radar because she's not running around saying things like, I have a kiss for my dear old goose dad! (What in the world, Eleanor.) But Geneva is doing things. Like teething. You can't do up any zippers or snaps near that child's neck without her grabbing at your hand and trying to bite you.

She's forever pulling her soother out of her mouth and waving it around, like a tiny drunk. Like it's the pipe she's punctuating her sentences with.

I've started calling her 'Hambone' and I don't think I can stop. She's so plump. She's a dumpling. A dumplestiltskin.

She can't talk without something in her mouth, but when there's something in her mouth, she can't shut up.

Still with the spitties. It never gets old. And she does it, and then waits for you to do it back. It's like a CONVERSATION.

She's at that perfect age where you can be like, Uhhhhhh, here's the strap that tightens your car seat, I guess? And she's like, Astounding. *bite bite bite*

Thursday, October 02, 2014

Just so many childrens

We couldn't stop taking pictures of the babies together.

Can't stop.

Won't stop.

They couldn't stop trying to taste each other.

Can't stop.

Won't stop.

Eleanor found a 'fancy dancer' dress and wouldn't take it off for three days.

At one point, she added a fox hat and mittens.

Eventually she accidentally peed in it and I had to throw it in the wash, but by then we'd found a zebra costume I bought at a garage sale over a year ago

and her dragon costume from her first Halloween. 

One size fits all. 

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Nissan is the worst, my folks are the best.

WE BOUGHT A CAR, also. I know. I have really been burying the lede with this one. But we bought a car, and not like the last time when we thought we'd bought a car but we hadn't. NISSAAAAAN, I will smear you on every public forum that will let me say words.

So. A few weeks ago, Joel took some vacation time to research and test drive and purchase a car so that I wouldn't be left alone for eight weeks with two children and no vehicle and a rapidly deteriorating weather situation. He settled on a Nissan Versa, signed a contract, put down $2000 and went to the bank (at the salesman's urging) to get a cashier's cheque for the remainder.

Three days later, he was telephoned while at a conference out of town, and informed that Nissan does not in fact have the car they sold us in stock, but would we like to pay many much more moneys for a newer version, or for the version with leather seats and a rearview camera and all kinds of fancy garbage? WE WOULD NOT.

So that was on the weekend, and on the Monday Joel started his rural rotation and would be out of town for eight weeks, during which he would be unable to return to Nissan to have his deposit refunded, or go back to the bank to reverse the cashier's cheque upon which we were now paying interest. SORRY, says Nissan. This is standard practice in the industry, says Nissan. Bullshit, says us. 

And then my parents came to visit and my dad, on our behalf, researched and test drove a bunch of cars and settled on a Fiat Abarth and IT IS TINY AND SEXY AND ZIPPY and it growls at you like a tiger. And also we paid money for it and now it is ours do you understand this concept Nissan I do not think you do.

And then my dad and I ran around town getting the car insured and plated and returning the cashier's cheque and not being able to find the bank and going to Starbucks instead and then finding the bank right beside the Starbucks and then eating a terrible donut at the bank and just hanging out during daytime business hours getting shit done like a couple of bosses.

And then my parents drove our new car out to Rosthern, where Joel is, and picked up our Subaru and brought it back AND PUT WINTER TIRES ON IT AND REORGANIZED OUR GARAGE SO WE COULD FIT BOTH CARS IN IT BECAUSE I HAVE THE BEST PARENTS.

So now Joel has his own car and I HAVE MY OWN CAR and this has never happened to me and I am so elated, I cannot even tell you.