Summer Bucket List

  • -- Go hiking at Beaver Creek
  • -- Find a new splash park
  • -- Make a salad from our garden
  • -- Go strawberry picking
  • -- Go to the Berry Barn for berry picking and waffles
  • -- Go to the zoo
  • -- Make watermelon juice
  • -- Run in the sprinklers
  • -- Bike to River Landing after supper
  • -- Make our own ice cream
  • -- Go to Pike Lake
  • -- Go camping
  • -- Go to the Children's Festival
  • -- Go to Ribfest
  • -- To to Taste of Saskatchewan
  • -- Make lemonade
  • -- Get ice cream at the bus

Saturday, July 04, 2015

Gonna go outside, get some smoker's lung.

Smoke monster's back. There's a bridge over there, can you see it?

NO YOU CANNOT BECAUSE SMOKE. None of my pictures are capturing how apocyptically orange the sun is right now.

Anyway. The good face painters were at the Jazz Festival this evening. I love this picture because Eleanor looks like a curious little dragonette with those eyebrows. 

Girlfriend knows how to commit to a face paint. 

What's up, Geneva, how's your pancake, whyyyyy will you not sit down while you eat. 

Smoke monster, don't care. 

Thursday, July 02, 2015

Further evidence of growth.


We got there at 10 to get nice and sweaty on the playground before the pool opened at 10:30, but they couldn't get the chemical mix right and OMG WE WERE THERE UNTIL AFTER NOON WAITING FOR IT TO OPEN.

Ugh, urrbody so sandy.

Anyway. Pool opened. Remember our first summer when Eleanor was so eenys?

THIS IS HER IN THE DEEP END NOW all like, whatever, it's up to my teeny butt.

Children grow, gardens grow, this should not always be blowing my mind like it is. Geneva still fears water like unto death, but she's getting the hang of it.

And then. AND THEN. Did I tell you guys Josie had her baby?

LITTLE SQUISH. Speaking of children growing. Geneva was once that size. And last summer was So Hard, that whole first year is so hard, and as long as it feels (omg so long), it is only a year. And then there you are, with your year-old baby, and you all sleep through the night and nobody is eating out of your body, they're just over here like, Gonna eat this broccoli up rill good.

It is bonkers.

Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Canada and jazz

The smoke monster is lifting. The air smells like air, mostly. Summer is back on. It was a two-festival day.

Maple bacon poutine because patriotism.

Cupcake because free.

Donuts because...donuts.

That's exactly how I feel, Eleanor.


I have Feelings about the Canada Day festival, because like two days after we arrived in Saskatoon, we were like Hey, let's just take a break from packing and go to this thing over here, without realizing how FESTIVALLY Saskatoon was going to turn out to be. And, I don't know, it's just symbolic to me or something of how pleasantly surprised we have been, living here. If we could just teleport home like once a week, we'd probably stay here forever.

Anyway. Eleanor woke up and then Geneva woke up and I was like, Hey look, it's sunny, and Eleanor was like, NOW WE CAN GO TO THE JAZZ FESTIVAL, because she has been hella bummed by the smoke and the staying inside, and Joel and I were like, *shrug* so we packed a picnic and hopped on our bikes because it is no longer detrimental to our health to do any sort of strenuous exercise out in the air.

Geneva is just a lark these days. LOOK AT ME I AM CLAPPING LIKE THE BIG PEOPLE WHO CLAP

She is serious about hydration.

You should also be serious about hydration you know.

And my children are just friendly as hell. Eleanor has discovered small talk and can't stop making non sequitur comments at strangers. There are like eight people who don't know our names but who DO know how much we hate the rabbit who has been eating our plants. Geneva is always just like, What is up, human person?

Seriously though hydration is really important let me get this for you.

She totally scammed like half a bun off the guy sitting behind us. She's basically a people puppy. Such a lovely bunch of lollopy beasts I have.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Smoke and birthdays.

Today is Eleanor's half-birthday, which we celebrate because her real birthday is so close to Christmas and gets overwhelmed, and also because we are CELEBRATORY FIENDS AND CANNOT BE STOPPED, and we had PLANS and were going to do THINGS but the city is trapped under a blanket of smoke from the nearby forest fires and we cannot go outside for more than, like, half an hour at a time. Everything is dim. It is, to be honest, sucking my will to live.

THAT IS AT LIKE 11AM. Smoke as far as the eye can see. So we just walked down to the coffee shop and I let Eleanor pick out a treat

and then we went to the library for story time because Tuesdays be Tuesdaying.

I let her pick supper (banana spinach pancakes? Which is not a thing we have ever eaten before so she is obviously just pulling foods that she likes out of the air and putting them together) and help me make them and then I read her a chapter from The Wind in the Willows because I figure three-and-a-half is old enough to start chapter books.

We have been leaving the house every damn day after naps except the last two days and I have totally lost the knack of amusing my children indoors. WHAT DO THEY DO I DON'T EVEN KNOW. Summer just started and I want to be outside and I know that my house isn't on fire and I'm not being displaced from my home but this whole situation is BUMMING ME OUT.

You know what's NOT bumming me out? MY GARDEN. Ye gads, I am going to have one million tomatoes ripening all of a sudden.

Tomato Row is embarrassingly opulent. And remember these tiny corns?

I mean.

And today I noticed actual teensy cucumbers growing on my cucumber plants, the ones that I overhauled and didn't think were going to grow. WE ARE GOING TO HAVE CUCUMBERS.

So many things pending, but I put covers over the strawberries and since then, we've gotten like five. The crows were eating them, those jackasses. Yesterday, I looked out the window to see two crows land in Melon World, stomp on every plant, take a bite out of my pumpkin leaves, TAKE A DUMP IN THE CORNER, and then fly off. I just.

The peas are coming in, and Joel keeps eating them before they are ripe. They're like the veal of peas, he says. Stop eating the veal of peas, I say, or we're never going to have the peas of peas. Today we harvested SIX PODS of actual, full-grown peas.

We are too excited to even make anything of them, we just eat them straight, and immediately.

Hopefully by tomorrow, the Smoke Monster (which currently stretches as far as Tennessee) has cleared up enough for some outdoorsing. I won't even care about the sinkhole halfway down our street.

Sunday, June 28, 2015


White shirt wearing.

Color running.

Piggybacking because let's be honest, 5k is really far.


Snow coning (for hydration).

Jazz festivalling.

Family picnicking.

Farmer's marketing.

Shoe collecting (Geneva Wren, look at your feets).

Blueberry grabbing.

Face painting.

Cat dancing.


Tandem hammocking.



And it was our first blistering hot weekend, and I forgot sunscreen for myself (put on your own oxygen mask first before assisting fellow passengers, people) and my shoulders are tender, and I've weaned Geneva and now none of my bras fit so I've been wearing sports bras everywhere, because of the fit and because I am a sweaty hog, and then this evening while we were at the jazz festival, the heat broke for a minute and like twenty rain drops fell and it was just enough for one of those aggressively present rainbows. 'Look!' says Eleanor. 'A magical rainbow! I've never seen a real rainbow before!'